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Congrats to the architects of Ajinorah institutions and the students! When the standard of education is dropping at this present time-especially among the self financed education sector- Ajinorah is an exception. Nobody in this world teaches anybody for free. I agree that education is a business. But it is the responsibility of the students and their parents to evaluate whether they are getting their money's worth from the school they are attending. In selecting teachers who can inspire students, and admitting students who are dedicated and who aim at promising careers , Ajinorah Institutions have exercised justifiable diligence. This is the secret of their success. Four walls of a large building won't make a university, it is the teaching staff and the ambitious hard-working students who give birth to a prestigious universities. I am absolutely confident that Ajinorah Institutions will become and serve as a role model to all the educational institutions of this mission in Kerala and India.
Dear Nurses, OET made a tremendous change in the way we think about Job in foreign countries because OET basically a proffession based test especially for medical proffessionals.Take this as the best opportunity to be a registered nurse in a foreign country. We, AJINORAH INSTITUTIONS, provide both online and offline courses for aspirants with extreme dedication. We invite all nurses and other medical professionals (others pls left from the group) to our community to flock together to achieve our dream. Our aim is to introduce OET and help you to experience the new way of training.Both our Online and Offline Students can expect individual training and focus. Share this link to other nurses groups to make aware about OET. We are ready to take care of you....Are you..!!!! Note;; Don't misuse this group for personal benefits because we are all nurses, struggle for better future.... Thank you, AJINORAH INSTITUTIONS Kottayam Kochi Kozhikode Kannur Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/F17eVaUNXnm3mpg3lVRZdO
With the blessings of Lord Almighty, efficient training by Committed trainers and with the HARDWORK and dedication of Students, #Ajinorah Institutions are blessed with excellent results for OET & IELTS....!!!!! Thanks team Ajinorah
🎆Students of IELTS and OET in Ajinorah highly praise the dedicated support of skilled trainers..🌟🌟 Call: 9745207973
🎆Students of IELTS and OET in Ajinorah highly praise the dedicated support of skilled trainers..🌟🌟 Call: 9745207973